Mountain Valley


John Hatanaka has been playing music for many years and is now joined by Victoria Trowell in the journey. Both have been songwriting since they could walk. They are both songwriters, but are loving the collaboration as well and enjoy sharing the stage. The journey has put them into the manifestation of Mountain Valley. It's a band with one part story songwriting and two parts emotion. Both writers pour their emotions out on a stage as their music has shaped their lives. They gain inspiration from the solitude that only wilderness and desert can provide.


News & Updates


This album was created between 2016 - 2017. The album is heavily inspired by Oneness University. Catch us every Thursday at Brick House Pizzeria in Rifle, Colorado from 6pm. We play private parties and weddings as well. You can contact us at or visit the contact page as well.


Eye Inside

by John Hatanaka